Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election Day: Voting Tips and Picks

Election Day: it has finally arrived. 

Voters all across the state are now heading to the polls to decide the future direction of their communities, state, and nation. This post will cover some information and recommendations that may be helpful with your voting plans. 

No candidate is perfect. Vote for the candidate that will advance the most good and prevent the most evil (that's generally the Republican). The Democratic Party platform is literally full of and a celebration of things God hates. If I don't specifically mention a race, default to giving the Republican candidate your vote.

Here are some comments of mine on a few select races:

President: Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Republican). I was a Never Trumper in 2016. I looked at Donald Trump and did not trust him. His behavior was (and still is, to a large degree) repulsive, and he clearly did not (and still does not) exhibit character that demonstrates true Biblical conversion. I did not believe that he would follow through on his pledged conservative policies, and so I cast a protest vote for a third party candidate.

I am happy to have been wrong on many of my misgivings about Trump. While I still cringe at many of his behaviors and wish that he would just behave, he has largely followed through on his 2016 campaign pledges. No president has done more to advance the cause of the unborn. His administration has championed religious liberty. His administration generally did a fantastic job on the economy. His foreign policy, especially as it relates to the Middle East and North Korea, has produced results that few could have dreamed of. His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been better than he's given credit for, mainly due to his tendency to trip his own progress up with stupid actions and statements.

He's truly excelled on judicial appointments, thanks to a stellar team of advisors on this point and - credit where credit is due - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's steely resolve to confirm his appointees.

The alternative is truly horrifying. A Biden-Harris administration would dismantle the economic progress that President Trump made. Their foreign policy would return to the disastrous Obama era. Their judicial appointees would be catastrophic. They will advance the pernicious and divisive ideology of Critical Race Theory. A Biden-Harris administration will wage war on our precious religious freedoms, promote child abuse in the form of transgenderism, demand the celebration of sexual perversion, and be rabidly bent on the destruction of babies in the womb. 

There is no alternative here, particularly for believers in Jesus Christ. One cannot espouse the teachings of the Bible and logically vote for Joe Biden and the administration that he would lead. Donald Trump and Mike Pence must be reelected. I will cast my vote for Trump with determination and resolve.

U.S. Senate: Jim Inhofe (Republican). While I'm quite frankly not very pleased that at the age of 86 he's running for a another six-year term, Sen. Inhofe has been a solid conservative and an experienced voice for Oklahoma in the Senate. Given the chance of an incoming Biden administration, it's worth giving Inhofe the chance to do battle for conservatism one more time.

2nd Congressional District: Richie Castaldo (Libertarian). As I've pointed out before many times before, Markwayne Mullin is a remorseless pledge-breaker, and I will not reward that dishonesty and lack of integrity with a vote. This is a protest vote. I'm a conservative Republican with many disagreements with the Libertarian Party, however, Castaldo is a rare Libertarian who actually is vehemently opposed to abortion and calls for its full abolition

5th Congressional District: Stephanie Bice (Republican). While she wouldn't have been my choice in the GOP primary, this is a must-win for Oklahoma Republicans. 

State Senate District 7: Warren Hamilton (Republican). Hamilton is a fiery conservative who can pick up the mantle of the cause of abolishing abortion in Oklahoma that Joseph Silk is leaving behind. This is an important race, especially given that lyin' Larry Boggs is a sore-loser who endorsed the Democrat after losing his runoff to Hamilton.

State House District 3: Rick West (Republican). Rick was one of a handful of conservative champions in the 2017-2018 legislative sessions and special sessions before opting to not run for reelection in 2018. Putting him back in the Legislature would be a big win for conservatives.

State House District 11: Wendi Stearman (Republican). This is a unique race pitting a conservative Republican homeschool mom against a liberal Democrat homeschool graduate. I've heard great things about Stearman, and she would be a tremendous asset to conservatives and homeschoolers in the Legislature.

Supreme Court Justices: Yes on Darby and Kane, No on Colbert.
Court of Criminal Appeals Judges: Yes on both (Hudson and Lumpkin)
Court of Civil Appeals Judges: NO on all of them, especially Jane Wiseman.

STATE QUESTIONS (detailed post on them here)
State Question 805: NO. 
State Question 814: Yes

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Do something for your state and country. If self-proclaimed Christians would vote what they profess, this state and nation would be in a lot better shape. Duty is ours; consequences are God's. 

No candidate is perfect. Vote for the candidate that will advance the most good and prevent the most evil (generally, that's the Republican). The Democratic Party platform is literally full of and a celebration of things God hates.

Don't forget to vote right today.


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