Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Pledge-Breaker Mullin slams Senators for breaking pledges

2nd District Congressman Markwayne Mullin posted a video Saturday morning in which he slammed several Republican senators for breaking pledges.

He's specifically referring to Senators Collins, McCain, Murkowski, and Paul for failing to support the Graham-Cassidy healthcare plan that was the last proposal put forward by the Republican-led Senate to [sorta] repeal and [sorta] replace ObamaCare.

I agree with his outrage over Republicans failing to keep their promises, particularly on ObamaCare. However, the irony here is simply too much to ignore.

Allow me to remind Congressman Mullin to look in the mirror, where he will see a man who repeatedly pledged to the voters of the 2nd District that he would only seek three terms in the House, yet has brazenly decided to break that pledge.

Yes, I'm upset at Republicans like Mullin who fail to keep their promises. As I said in a recent post, it's another example of the death of honor in the GOP. For him to sanctimoniously criticize others for breaking promises while his very campaign is a broken promise is hypocrisy of the first-degree.

Here's Mullin's video:

Unsurprisingly, I am blocked from commenting on any of Mullin's posts, or even from liking his page.


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