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Conservative Leaders Rally to Support Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor

Conservative Leaders Rally to Support Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor

(Tulsa, OK) – Momentum continues to build for Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor, as conservative leaders from across Oklahoma have enthusiastically rallied around his candidacy. Covering all corners of the state, and all walks of life, Pinnell has built strong support from grassroots leaders, conservative elected officials, and faith leaders. Here’s what a few of them are saying about Matt Pinnell:

“We are living in trying times for our great state. Expenses are up and revenues are down. Our infrastructure is in need of improvement. There is much work to be done. This is why I am strongly endorsing Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor. Our state needs new leadership and I believe Matt is exactly what we need. Matt will be a tireless worker for the people of Oklahoma and will be the voice we need as we work to bring more businesses to our state.  Join me as I stand for Matt and his vision for Oklahoma!”
Pastor Robert Carter
Former 2nd District GOP and Delaware County GOP Chair
Grove, Oklahoma

"Matt Pinnell is a proven leader in Republican politics. He has experience representing Oklahoma at the national level and will be a tremendous asset selling the many unique capabilities and opportunities of our great state. I am proud to endorse Matt Pinnell for Oklahoma's next Lieutenant Governor."
Representative Jim Bridenstine (OK-01)

“As Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, Matt Pinnell led our party to an unprecedented level of success; he then did the same thing nationally serving the RNC. Yet he always kept his focus here in Oklahoma. I know he would bring this passion and drive to the office of Lt. Governor. Matt is hardworking and cares deeply about the future of Oklahoma. I hope you'll join me in supporting Matt Pinnell as our next Lt. Governor.”
Casey Killblane
Davis, OK

“Matt Pinnell is a dynamic and talented leader who has a consistent record of success in every endeavor he's undertaken. He combines ethics and enthusiasm with a steady hand that gets the job done. Matt Pinnell will make a great Lt. Governor and ambassador for Oklahoma. I am proud to endorse him.”
Representative Steve Russell (OK-05)

“I got to know Matt Pinnell when he was training conservative activists across the state, before he chaired the Oklahoma Republican Party or worked with the RNC to build up state parties and elect President Trump. Matt gets things done with excellence, energy, and full dedication to the conservative cause. I believe that Matt will make a great Lieutenant Governor, advocating for the conservative principles that Oklahomans hold dear, and fighting for policies that will advance and strengthen our state. Please join me in electing Matt Pinnell as our next Lieutenant Governor.”
Jamison Faught
Former Muskogee County GOP State Committeeman and Vice Chair; writer for Muskogee Politico Blog
Muskogee, OK

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I endorse Matt Pinnell’s election as Oklahoma’s next Lt. Governor. We need someone with the courage to lead, to be visionary, and to speak directly about our state’s path to success. That, my friends, is Matt Pinnell. He has created his own business, has led with conservative principles, and is a man of integrity and loyalty. The election of Matt is a vote for Oklahoma’s future.”
Dewey Bartlett
Former Mayor of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK

“We need a Lt. Governor that will prioritize core services and maximize the economic benefits of the state. Matt can do that and more. He will make an excellent salesman across our 77 counties and I’m happy to endorse him.”
Alan Jett
Beaver County, OK

"Matt's energy, ideas and experience make him uniquely qualified to be our Lieutenant Governor.  I hope you'll join me in supporting him.  I believe Oklahoma needs Matt Pinnell."
Michael Willis
Tulsa County Clerk

"I am proud to endorse Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor. I first met Matt when I ran for Insurance Commissioner in 2010, and I immediately saw in him a natural ability to lead and bring people together. Matt is capable, energetic, and exactly the type of next-generation leader we need. Please join me in supporting Matt Pinnell as our next Lt. Governor."
Insurance Commissioner John “Okie” Doak
Tulsa, OK

“When I first heard Matt Pinnell was running for Lt. Governor I was so excited and immediately pledged my support. I worked for Matt when he was Oklahoma Republican Party State Chairman and let me tell you, it didn’t take long to realize this guy was going places! I have seen Matt enter a contentious environment, take charge, calm heated emotions, and leave the room with everyone on both sides of an issue happy and unified.  With one shake of his hand you know his heart. A heart for God, a heart for his family and a heart for this great state of Oklahoma. Matt’s high energy is contagious, as he smiles and shares his ideas of how he wants to help make our state the best state in the union. My husband and I are both proud and honored to give our full support to this young man. There is no one better for our state’s second highest position than Matt Pinnell!”
Donna Altom & Pastor Donald Altom
Hollis, OK

“I have known Matt for over 10 years and during that time observed his character, temperament, and leadership skills.  During Matt's three years as Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, he facilitated and built coalitions with activists who often were at odds with one another.  Matt truly has the ability to get everyone to pull on the same end of the rope at the same time, which is a critical trait for effective leaders. Matt is also a visionary.  He sees the potential in what can be done and has the ability to develop and execute a plan to realize the vision.   Matt is a devoted husband and father.  He unashamedly exhibits his faith in his life.  Oklahoma needs people of character with leadership skills guiding our state- Matt Pinnell is that person.  Please join me in supporting and voting for Matt Pinnell for Lt. Governor, Oklahoma's next generation of leadership.”
Steve Fair
Former GOP National Committeeman, 4th District GOP Chair, and Stephens County GOP Chair
Duncan, OK

"Matt Pinnell is a next-generation conservative leader that I can get excited about. In both politics and business, Matt has demonstrated the leadership skill of building consensus and bringing people together. I'm honored to endorse him for Lt. Governor."
State Senator Jason Smalley
Marine Corps Veteran
Stroud, OK

“Matt cherishes his faith and his family. We know that he will represent hard-working Oklahoma families with integrity. That's why we are proud to support him as our next Lt Governor.”
Dustin and Nicole Rowe
Tishomingo, OK

“I worked closely with Matt when I was a State Representative. I saw firsthand his ability to bring people together and solve tough problems. He’s been a leader at the state and national level, and I’m excited to see what he will accomplish as our next Lt. Governor. That’s why he has my full endorsement.”
Lee Denney
Former State Representative, District 33
Cushing, OK

“Serving as Mayor of Edmond and later on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, I saw firsthand some of the many challenges our communities and our state face. Matt Pinnell has a talent and passion for Oklahoma that will help lead our state forward as we confront these challenges. Whether in the political arena or as a small business owner, Matt has a proven track record of success that Oklahomans can rely on. That's why I'm proud to endorse Matt as our next Lieutenant Governor.”
Patrice Douglas
Former Corporation Commissioner and Mayor of Edmond
Edmond, OK

“Matt is a problem solver, I saw it firsthand when I was County Chairman. He understands the issues that we face in rural Oklahoma as well. For these reasons and many more, I’m thrilled to help and endorse him in his campaign for Lt. Governor.”
Martyn McMurphey
Guymon, OK

“As a small businessman and successful conservative political leader, Matt Pinnell is uniquely qualified to lead Oklahoma during this challenging time. Our state needs leaders who are able to work with our next governor and legislature, and who will bring new, innovative ideas to the table. Matt Pinnell is that leader, and that's why I'm supporting him as Oklahoma's next Lt. Governor.”
Ann Felton
Philanthropist and Community Leader
Oklahoma City, OK

“While serving in the state legislature, I saw first-hand the challenges that our state faces. In both politics and business, Matt Pinnell has demonstrated leadership, good judgement, and high character. He has the values and experience that Oklahoma needs to move our state in the right direction, and that's why I'm supporting Matt to be our next Lieutenant Governor.”
Pam Peterson
Former State Representative, District 67
Tulsa, OK

Pinnell is the former Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party and was most recently RNC National State Party Director. In that role, Pinnell served as the chief liaison between the RNC and state parties. Pinnell traveled to all 50 states, and played an integral role in Republicans taking control of the United States Senate in 2014 and winning the White House in 2016. Pinnell and his wife Lisa own and operate a successful small business in Tulsa. You can learn more at


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