Friday, October 27, 2017

House committee deadlocks in tie vote on GPT increase

Just a few minutes ago, the House Joint Committee on Appropriations deadlocked 11-11 on the new tax hike plan that included raising the Gross Production Tax on new wells to 4% for the first 36 months.

The measure, HB 1054X, would have raised an estimated $186M for the remainder of the current fiscal year and $455M for following years. Here is the roll call from the JCAB vote:
YEAS: 11 -- Caldwell (R), Casey (R), Cockroft (R), Dunnington (D), Echols (R), Ortega (R), L. Osborn (R), Ownbey (R), D. Roberts (R), Sears (R), Watson (R)

NAYS: 11 -- Calvey (R), Hall (R), Kouplen (D), Lepak (R), Loring (D), Murphey (R), O'Donnell (R), Pfeiffer (R), Proctor (D), Stone (D), Virgin (D)

The measure can be brought back up for another vote. Committee ch‎airman Kevin Wallace (R) did not cast what would have been a tie breaking vote. According to news reports, he opted against doing so, as the lack of Democratic support (1 for, 5 against) indicated that it would fail in a vote on the House floor.