Friday, October 27, 2017

New Poll Shows Bi-Partisan Support to Halt Gas Tax and Public Employee Raises

AFP-OK Releases New Poll: Survey Shows Bi-Partisan Support to 
Halt Gas Tax and Public Employee Raises
Oklahomans are united behind belief that government should not raise taxes

Oklahoma City, OK – Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma (AFP-OK), released the following response to a new poll released by today showing Oklahomans are united in demanding that their legislature not raise taxes or increase public employee salaries.

AFP-OK’s state director, John Tidwell released the following statement: 

“This poll demonstrates that Oklahomans are frustrated by politicians who campaign as fiscal conservatives and then go to the capital to vote for $500 million in new taxes and more government.  Let’s hope this poll serves as a wake-up call to the legislature, which needs to stop rummaging through our wallets and instead start to cut wasteful spending.”

The study shows Oklahomans expect a government that is limited in size and scope, and operates within its means and budget. This polling continues to show that a large majority of everyday Oklahomans believe that state government, much like the federal government, must live within its means.

Republican lawmakers should be aware of several important findings from today’s poll:

  • 81% of Republican and Democrat voters believe that their taxes are either ‘too high’ or ‘about right.’
  • 59% of self-described conservative voters OPPOSE a $1,000 pay raise for all state employees.
  • 55% of Republican voters oppose the gas tax, while 44% of Democrats strongly oppose it.

“State lawmakers should be demanding that leadership immediately address legislation that seeks to reduce spending in responsible ways,” continued Tidwell.  “Our citizens should not have to bear the lasting burden of an increased gas tax only because state lawmakers have frittered away their opportunities to solve what they have termed a ‘crisis’.”


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