Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rep. Sean Roberts Comments on Vote on HB1035

Rep. Sean Roberts Comments on Vote on House Bill 1035

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Sean Roberts [yesterday] issued the following statement after House Bill 1035 failed to receive the constitutionally required three-fourths majority in the House of Representatives. HB 1035 would have increased taxes on tobacco products and motor fuel. It also would have restored the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“The legislation that came before the House of Representatives this morning was flawed from the beginning, and I stand firmly against it. House Bill 1035 would have been the largest tax increase in a generation, placing the burden on low- and middle-income Oklahoma families. Conservative principles are clear: we need to cut government waste and protect core services. This bill was not conservative, and I am relieved dozens of lawmakers saw the fundamental problems with HB 1035.

Moving forward, I know agencies are anxious about what is to come. My suggestion is to use the $83 million in carryover funds from the previous fiscal year and cut $0.17 out of every $10 the government spends. Then, as our economy continues to rebound and money comes in above projections, we should appropriate the surplus to our core services. This is a conservative plan that protects Oklahomans without endangering our most vulnerable citizens.”

Blogger's note: Roberts is the co-chair of the conservative 'Republican Platform Caucus' in the House.


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