Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Supreme Court overturns electric/hybrid car tax; Fallin, Richardson comment

Governor Mary Fallin Statement on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Striking Down Electric, Hybrid Vehicle Registration Fee

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today issued the following statement in response to the Oklahoma Supreme Court striking down a registration fee for electric and hybrid vehicles:

 “I’m disappointed with the Oklahoma Supreme Court striking down the registration fee for electric and hybrid vehicles. Fortunately, lawmakers are in special session now working on how to adjust a shortfall of $215 million of state appropriations caused when the state Supreme Court earlier this year struck down a proposed smoking cessation fee.”

[Governor's Press Office] Note: House Bill 1449 would have established a $100 fee for the registration of an electric vehicle and a $30 fee for a hybrid vehicle. Revenue from the fees, which was to have gone into effect Jan. 1, would have gone to the state's highway construction and maintenance fund. The measure was projected to raise more than $506,000 for the current 2018 fiscal year, and $1.01 million for the 2019 fiscal year. The measure passed the House, 61-36, and the Senate, 29-11.

Richardson Successfully Overturns Electric Car Tax Increase [*]

Tulsa, OK, October 24, 2017 – Gary Richardson, Republican candidate for Governor,  celebrated the overturning of the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Fee that he challenged in the Oklahoma Supreme Court this summer.

"I am thankful that the State Supreme Court recognized that the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Fee leveed on hybrid and electric vehicles was an illegal tax increase," said Richardson.  Richardson referred to the ruling in favor of the Sierra Club, which challenged the same fee as Richardson did in his suit.

"Oklahoma deserves a leader who puts their words into actions," said Richardson.  "I am the only candidate for Governor who even attempted to stop the tax increases and I'm not even an elected official like some of my opponents.  Imagine what will happen when I get elected as Governor."

[* - I wouldn't call the headline 'Richardson Successfully Overturns' strictly accurate. While Richardson's lawsuit was practically identical in argument to the Sierra Club's, the Court did not rule on his lawsuit, choosing the other instead.]


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