Thursday, November 05, 2020

Election Results Maps: U.S. Senate, State Questions 805 and 814

 Here is the much-anticipated 2020 general election edition of my long-running Election Results Maps series. As promised in my post on the presidential results in Oklahoma, we will be looking here at the U.S. Senate race and results from the two state questions that voter soundly rejected.

In his final election, Senator Jim Inhofe posted his second-best general election showing, behind only his 2014 matchup where he received 68% of the vote. His results largely trailed President Trump's by a few points, with Oklahoma County also being his closest with a 0.93% spread (48.33% to 47.4%). His best result came in Cimarron County with a lead of 84.71%

Next, let's look at the two state questions that were on the ballot.

Rural Oklahoma rejected State Question 805 in overwhelming fashion. This ballot measure won in Oklahoma County alone (54.21% to 45.79%, a 8.42% spread). The 'Yes' vote in Cleveland County trailed by 3.13%, Comanche by 7.2%, and Tulsa by 13.76%. All 73 other counties had a 'no' lead of at least 24%, with 20 at over 50%.

State Question 814 lost all 77 counties, but by generally narrower margins than SQ805 did:



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