Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Watch the mask exchange that has all of Muskogee talking

If you have not heard about what happened at last night's Muskogee City Council meeting, you need to go read my post, With casket in chamber, Muskogee City Council shoots down three mask mandate proposals.

There was an exchange between Councilman Ivory Vann and Mayor Marlon Coleman that has all of Muskogee talking today. I've uploaded the closing minutes of the Council meeting below, which includes the Vann-Coleman exchange and the voting down of the second and third mask proposals. 

Watch and share:


  1. A) I think it's completely stupid to complain about having to wear a mask to begin with. Where was all the same outrage from people when they made the 'Seat Belt Law'? There's no difference (other than the fact I guess the seat belt is mainly for their own safety, while masks are for the safety of EVERYONE)

    B) I don't understand what Ivory Vann's deal is... You down vote Mayor Coleman's plan & end up w/absolutely NO MASK mandate at all, after you sat up there & said what you did about "let's stop playing, get this done & all go home... we need something"? But you could have been the 5th & deciding vote on at least SOME form of a mask mandate passing, but voted "no" because why? He put you in your place and/or didn't agree w/YOUR plan? (looks like he was right though, YOU were the only one up there "politicking"). A mask mandate for businesses & the people in it is better than none at all. So you did NOTHING either

    I don't get it... But it's just another great example of how our government constantly fails us. They're too busy arguing & disagreeing w/each other, so then NOTHING ends up happening & we all have to suffer for their pettiness... so despicable

  2. my name is doris hytche----- WEAR A MASK


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