Monday, November 23, 2020

Oklahoma GOP legislators ask battleground legislatures to verify legitimacy of their elections


[November 21, 2020]  State Senator Rob Standridge (R-Norman) is leading a nationwide charge to maintain the integrity of Presidential elections in battleground states.  Republican members of the Oklahoma Senate and House have signed letters imploring State Legislatures to fulfill their Constitutional responsibility to verify the legitimacy of their elections. 

"We are asking for a fair process to make sure there is no voting fraud,” Sen. Rob Standridge says.  “The US Constitution clearly spells out the role of State Legislatures in a Presidential election.  State lawmakers are the most direct representation of the people and, if the will of the people is not reflected in a Presidential election, legislatures have an obligation to intervene and investigate on behalf of their constituents.  We are not making accusations.  We are asking for an impartial investigation to ensure their results are accurate."

Oklahoma House members, led by Rep. Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City), sent a similar letter to the same battleground states:  Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

"Counting all legal votes, and not counting any illegal votes, should not be a controversial idea," says Rep. Jon Echols.  "Those of us who believe in election integrity welcome investigations.  Any allegation that this letter encourages lawmakers to override the will of the people is simply false."

The letters from both Oklahoma legislative bodies are earning high praise from conservatives.

"We applaud these letters as a vigilant effort to protect the freedoms of our American Republic," says Bob Linn, President of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.  "Legislative leaders in all 50 states should take every reasonable measure to verify the legitimacy of their elections.  More than 73 million Americans voted for President Trump and every one of those voters deserves to know whether this election process has been fair and accurate."

Below is the letter sent from the Senate Republicans to the President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate:


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