Thursday, January 23, 2020

Voter Registration Maps: Party Growth, 2019 to 2020

Continuing my Voter Registration Maps series update, here are maps representing the changes in percentage by county of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians.

Republicans made some slight improvements on the 2019 figures, gaining ground in 74 counties and dropping in just three (as opposed to 71 to 6 last year). The losses came in the urban counties of Cleveland, Oklahoma, and Tulsa, but maxed out at a shift of -0.31% in Oklahoma County. The average drop in those three counties in 2019 was -0.62%, but this year it was -0.19%, so... something to be grateful for as a Republican, I suppose.

Haskell County was once again the highest growth spot for the GOP, increasing as a percentage of the registered voters there by +5.35%. Increases were the lowest in northern and central Oklahoma, and greatest in the southeast, each indicative of the overall registration ratios in the regions.

Statewide, Republicans rose to 48.25% of all registered voters, an increase of +0.82%.

As with every year since 2014, Democrats declined as a percentage of registered voters in all 77 counties. Their best county was Oklahoma County, where they fell by 0.25%. Tulsa County was close behind at -0.26%. Haskell County was the worst performer for the Democrats, with their percentage plummeting by 5.68%.

Statewide, the Democrats fell by 1.25% to 35.32% of all registered voters.

Independents lost ground in 14 counties, and increased percentages in 63 counties. Ottawa County led the way for the third time in four years, with an increase of +0.81%, while Woodward County had the greatest loss at -0.74%.

Independents had higher increases than Republicans in 8 counties (Canadian, Cleveland, Comanche, Garfield, Oklahoma, Payne, Tulsa, and Washington). Statewide, Independents increased by +0.32%, bringing them up to 15.89% of all registered voters.

While numerically miniscule compared to the other three identifications, Libertarians have continued to have steady growth. They posted gains in 76 counties, while losing one voter and 0.02% in Alfalfa County.

Libertarians outgrew Independents in 20 counties (Atoka, Beaver, Bryan, Cherokee, Coal, Craig, Delaware, Ellis, Grant, LeFlore, Lincoln, Logan, Muskogee, Nowata, Pittsburg, Rogers, Texas, Washington, Washita, and Woodward).

For that matter, they increased their share of registered voters more than the Democrats in all 77 counties, and more than the GOP in the following five counties: Canadian, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Washington.

Statewide, Libertarians increased by +0.098%, putting them at 0.534% of all registered voters in Oklahoma. Their highest percentage is in Payne County, at 0.754%.


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