Thursday, January 16, 2020

State Election Board releases official 2020 voter registration statistics

State Election Board Releases Official 2020 Voter Registration Statistics

(Oklahoma City) – Official Oklahoma voter registration statistics released yesterday show 2,090,107 Oklahomans are registered to vote heading into the 2020 election cycle. Oklahoma’s official voter registration statistics are counted every year on January 15.

"These statistics continue a decades-long trend of growth for Independents and Republicans as a share of the Oklahoma electorate," said State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax. "And although they are relatively small in overall numbers, Libertarians now have more than 11,000 voters for the first time in state history."

The largest number of Oklahoma's voters are Republicans, who make up more than 48.3% of registered voters. Two years ago, Republicans accounted for 46.8% of registered voters.

Democrats are the second-largest party at 35.3% of registered voters, down from 38.2% in January 2018. Democrats had long been the largest political party in Oklahoma, but were passed by Republicans in January 2015.

Independents, or "no party" voters, are now 15.9% of Oklahoma voters, up from 14.8% two years ago.

The Libertarian Party, which gained recognition in 2016, now has 11,171 registered voters, more than double the number in January 2018.

Oklahoma’s registered voters:

                                        JAN. 15, 2020                                  JAN. 15, 2018
DEMOCRATS                 738,256….35.3%                             769,772….38.2%
REPUBLICANS              1,008,569….48.3%                          942,621….46.7%
LIBERTARIANS              11,171….less than 1%                     4,897….less than 1%
INDEPENDENTS            332,111….15.9%                             298,867….14.8%
TOTAL                              2,090,107                                        2,016,157


The State Election Board began recording statewide voter registration statistics by party in 1960.

YEAR                 DEM                    REP                  IND          OTHER                          
1960                   82.0%                 17.6%                0.4%        N/A
1980                   75.8%                 22.8%                1.4%        N/A
2000*                  56.7%                 35.0%                8.3%        *
2020*                  35.3%                 48.2%               15.8%       * 

*Minor parties account for less than 1 percent of voters in Oklahoma.

View voter registration statistics at: Audio is available at this link.


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