Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Assoc. of OK Gen'l Contractors comments on Stitt's proposal to merge ODOT, Turnpike Authority

The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors released the following statement Monday on the Governor's proposed consolidation of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.


"The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) is encouraged that the Governor wants to find ways to consolidate and streamline state government - especially when the focus is on improving transportation in Oklahoma. Although the bond markets may have a serious issue with a true "merger" between the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, we believe there are a tremendous amount of efficiencies that can be found by sharing services.

We would encourage the Governor to develop a working group of legislators, department leaders, engineers and contractors. The committee should look at ways to combine services, eliminate waste, incorporate technology, and possibly even consider moving towards a congressional division of districts by consolidating the current eight ODOT field divisions into five.

I commend the Governor's fresh new approach to making sure our state government is "right-sized." On behalf of all of Oklahoma's road and bridge builders, I look forward to working with him to make this a Top 10 State."  - AOGC Executive Director Bobby Stem


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