Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Oklahoma Voter Registration Map, January 2020

In the latest installment of my long-running Voter Registration Maps series, we will once again take a look at voter registration across the state. These statistics are from the annual January 15th report from the State Election Board. (For nostalgia purposes, Democrats can look at my first map and see how much of Oklahoma was still blue and dark-blue in 2013)

Since last January, the GOP has taken the lead in Roger Mills County (6.63% GOP lead), Cotton County (4.34% lead), and neighboring Comanche County (0.74% lead). Democrats still cling to narrow margins in Marshall County (0.13% Democrat lead), Kiowa County (1.46% lead), Pontotoc County (1.55% lead), Ottawa County (1.8% lead), Tillman County (2.58% lead), Bryan County (2.75% lead), Seminole County (5.21% lead), and Jefferson County (5.34% lead).

Coal (68.78%), Latimer (61.24%), and Pushmataha (60.35%) are the lone counties with over 60% registered Democrats. Even in Coal County, however, the Democratic lead over GOP registration has dropped to 47.07%; a decade ago, that lead in Coal County was 70.38%, with 82.53% of registered voters being Democrats.

Major County is the most polarized county, with 77.6% Republicans and 13.9% Democrats.

Comanche County has the highest percentage of registered Independent voters at 20.03%, while Payne County has the highest percentage of registered Libertarians at 0.754%. Incidentally, Comanche County has the highest percentage of voters outside of the two main parties, with 20.62% registered Independent or Libertarian -- 1.55% higher than the next closest county (Carter, 19.14%). That's the largest such gap in the rankings.

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