Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dahm files bill to prohibit sanctuary cities in Oklahoma

Sen. Dahm files legislation prohibiting sanctuary cities in Oklahoma

Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, wants to crack down on the state’s sanctuary city policies.

Dahm recently filed Senate Bill 1459, which prohibits any municipality in Oklahoma to adopt a sanctuary policy. Under the bill, any city or town that enacts such a policy would be ineligible for state funding through agencies and grants.

“In the past, we have had cities say they would willingly violate federal immigration laws by declaring their cities a sanctuary for those law-breaking foreigners,” Dahm said. “Senate Bill 1459 says no such sanctuary policy can be implemented in our state, and any government entity that violates these laws would be subject to loss of funds until they uphold the law.”

Sanctuary policies include prohibiting municipality officers from verifying or reporting the immigration status of any alien within the municipality to federal agencies or officials; granting illegal aliens the right to a lawful status within the municipality that is a violation of federal law; preventing law enforcement officers from asking any individual his or her citizenship or immigration status; or knowingly providing special benefits, privileges or support to illegal aliens.

SB 1459 would allow legislators to request a legal opinion from the Attorney General’s office upon receiving a complaint that a municipality is violating federal immigration laws. If funding is revoked for a city under this bill, the Attorney General would have to certify the municipality is in compliance with the law to restore funding. 

“Every government entity in Oklahoma has an obligation to uphold the Constitution and federal laws in conformity with the Constitution,” Dahm said.


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