Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Congressman Brecheen endorses Ron Hood in Ohio's 2nd District

Oklahoma 2nd District Congressman Josh Brecheen has endorsed Ron Hood, a Republican former legislator running for Congress in Ohio's 2nd District.

Brecheen, arguably one of the most conservative elected officials on Capitol Hill, is a member of the Freedom Caucus, which Hood has pledged to join if elected.

Incumbent Congressman Brad Wenstrup is retiring; Hood is one of 11 Republicans running for the seat. Brecheen knows something about crowded primaries -- the last candidate to file, he emerged victorious in 2022 after defeating 13 other Republicans in the primary and runoff.

Of Hood, Brecheen said: "I am proud to endorse Ron Hood to be the next Representative for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. He has proven himself time and again to be a leader on the 2nd Amendment, the right to life, lower taxes, and against government spending, even against the wishes of Republican leadership. I know he will carry the torch of freedom for his constituents and America at large at this perilous moment in our nation's history."

Hat tip to reader @ChrisChesny89 for first breaking this on Twitter/X

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  1. I whole heartedly concur with Congressman Josh Brecheen that Ron Hood will serve his district with integrity, no compromise and in the best interest of the honorable people of that district and the nation. He is a proven true voice for freedom and defender of the constitution. It’s time to have Ron on your side in Ohio’s 2nd District!


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