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Families to rally for homeschool freedoms Tuesday at State Capitol

Some of the homeschool students at Capitol Day 2023

Oklahoma is the only state in the union that explicitly protects home education in the state's Constition. Homeschool freedom is unparalleled here.

Tomorrow is the 39th annual Homeschool Capitol Day, where homeschool families from across the state come to the State Capitol to lobby legislators to protect existing homeschool freedoms, learn about legislation, network with other groups and families, and hold various educational and informational workshops and activities for all ages.

Booth at Capitol Day 2023

In past years, when the state was under Democratic control, bills were often filed that were antagonistic toward home education, and our homeschool freedoms were under constant threat from opposing forces. Since Republicans took control of the state government, however, the threat now comes from those who seek to "help" homeschooling with "friendly" legislation that opens the door to the same type of regulation and government interference that homeschoolers have fought against for decades here.

Case in point:

There are at least four bills of concern to homeschool freedoms this year - two authored by Republicans, two by Democrats - including one measure that would require all homeschoolers to essentially be regulated by DHS and educate by their permission only. Here is the Homeschool Oklahoma legislative alert on these measures, with some additional thoughts from the Constitutional Home Educators Alliance.

Capitol Day 2023

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Below is a short video put out by Homeschool Oklahoma, entitled Keeping Homeschool Freedoms in Oklahoma:

If you have questions or are interested in home educating your children, feel free to drop me a line.


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