Thursday, October 22, 2020

Protestia: Closing Churches for COVID-19 is Democrat Voter Suppression

Wake Up: Closing Churches For COVID-19 is Democrat Voter Suppression

October 15th, 2020 --  Some dirty tricks are being pulled on the American electorate this election cycle. Mail-in ballots for Trump are being fished out of dumpsters. Voting machines are going off-line at curious times. Funny business abounds. But as Americans are finally fighting back against our churches being closed by Democrat officials on religious grounds, few are fighting it on political grounds.

Simply put, closing churches or limiting their attendance prior to an election is Democrat voter suppression.

Evangelical Protestants favor Donald Trump at 78%. Non-evangelical Protestants (mainline denominations) favor Donald Trump 52% to 43%, still a sizeable advantage. As almost everyone knows, faithful church-goers will support Donald Trump over any baby-butchering Democratic candidate pit against him.

Democrats know this, and they are working hard to shift the evangelical vote. Almost daily, a new PAC is created by leftist evangelicals (or Democrats posing as evangelicals) trying to convince Christians that Joe Biden is a more ethical choice than Donald Trump. Almost daily a new newspaper ad or op-ed is purchased by Dark Money donors to claim this-evangelical or that one is voting for Biden because their conscience dictates it.

Of course, voting Democrat precludes the claim to having a working conscience, and Christians know it. This is why – at best – these efforts appear to have siphoned off only 2% or so of the evangelical vote and will probably be made up by other demographics growing in their support of the president (blacks and hispanics, in particular).

Nonetheless, Christian evangelicals use their church services to reinforce a Biblical worldview in their church members. They commonly provide voter guides to their membership right before an election, encouraging them to vote for pro-life and pro-family candidates. And then, churches encourage their members to get out in vote in the weeks prior to an election.

It should be sufficient evidence of voter suppression that the bulk of states prohibiting worship or limiting church attendance – almost 9 in 10 – are led by Democrat governors. And the more egregious the leftist – like Gavin Newsom of California or Andrew Cuomo of New York – are especially draconian on churches, limiting them more than bars or casinos. Even in conservative Montana, the Democratic governor, Steve Bullock, has affirmed Yellowstone County in their limits on church attendance that exceed the limits placed upon bars (bars are limited at 75% capacity, churches at 50%).

If Republicans banned attendance at the Sierra Club, Humane Society fundarisers, or the Gay Pride marches just prior to an election, it would be decried as an attempt to stifle the Democratic vote turnout. And yet, Christians are being kept from the place where their civic activism takes shape.

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