Friday, October 02, 2020

Fair and Williams publish voters guide on judges, justices, and State Questions

Conservative activists Steve Fair and Georgia Williams, both from southwestern Oklahoma, have published a brief voters guide for over 25 years, discussing the various state questions, judges, and justices on Oklahoma's statewide ballot. Here is the link to their full 2020 guide, along with a brief summary.

State Questions
  • State Question 805: Against
  • State Question 814: Support

Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • Justice M. John Kane IV: Retain
  • Justice Tom Colbert: Do Not Retain
  • Justice Richard Darby: Retain

Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Judge Rob Hudson: Retain
  • Judge Gary Lumpkin: Do Not Retain

Court of Civil Appeals
  • Judge Jane Wiseman: Do Not Retain
  • Judge Deborah Barnes: Do Not Retain
  • Judge Keith Rapp: Do Not Retain

Be sure to read their full guide here for more information on why they encourage Oklahomans to vote this way.


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