Monday, October 26, 2020

No on 805 campaign releases hard-hitting new ad

NEW TV AD: Oklahomans United against 805 Release New TV Spot Highlighting a Serial Domestic Violence Offender Who Would Be Released if 805 Passes
Oklahoma City — Oklahomans United against 805 launched a new TV ad today, and top District Attorneys have a warning today for their fellow Oklahomans: If State Question 805 passes, hardened criminals like the perpetrator featured in the new TV spot will be let out of jail to re-offend.
In their remarks at a press conference today, Oklahoma’s District Attorneys debunked S.Q. 805’s central theme that “non-violent” offenders were nearly “first-time”’ offenders.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Through their new TV ad, Oklahomans United against 805 have identified yet another repeat offender who would benefit greatly from the leniency provided to career criminals if S.Q. 805 is passed.
The new features Randall A. Cornelius, a repeat offender who has been arrested 25 times and who is listed as a suspect in at least 36 police reports. His list of offenses is long: kidnapping; strangulation; robbery of a disabled senior citizen; DUI (twice); drug possession and distribution (8 times); domestic violence; felon in possession of firearms; stolen vehicle; destruction of property; and more.
However, perhaps his worst offense is the reported stabbing spree he went on against a girlfriend. KOCO 5 TV reported at the time that Cornelius, who has a “long, violent criminal history,” went on to commit a “brutal and bloody attack on his girlfriend” in front of a convenience store. Even after she ran for help into the store and sought to take cover behind the cashier stand, Cornelius continued stabbing her. The Midwest City police chief stated that if an officer hadn’t been nearby to help within seconds, the event would have been a homicide.  Cornelius was arrested for the attack, in what was his 36th police investigation since 1998.
The repeat offender is now serving time in prison in Holdenville, but— under S.Q. 805, his sentence would be lessened due to the sentence enhancements for his prior crimes. If 805 passes, Cornelius would be back out into the community to surely commit further crimes.
Simply put, Cornelius’s 25 prior arrests would be hidden if S.Q. 805 passes.
“If we respect women and we respect victim’s rights, we must vote no on 805,” said Kim Garrett, founder and CEO of Palomar domestic violence center. “If State Question 805 passes, it would let perpetrators like Cornelius back into the community to commit further crimes, and perhaps even return to kill his prior victim. In a civil society, we must protect women from repeat offenders such as this.”
Further details of his stabbing spree: KOCO 5: “Police: Man Arrested in Midwest City Stabbing Has Long Violent Criminal History and OKC FOX: Police: Woman Stabbed Multiple Times outside Oklahoma City OnCue.
PLUS: In addition to speaking about the new ad featuring a repeat violent offender, District Attorneys today answered Q&A specifically about the fact that if S.Q. 805 passes, it will:
  1. Be retroactive — therefore, breaking promises to many Domestic Violence victims and their children;
  2. Change the Oklahoma Constitution — thus, harder to change in the future;
  3. Redefine FOREVER what is classified as “non-violent,” tragically including:
    a.    Domestic Violence
    b.    Crimes against Children
    c.     Home Burglaries
    d.    Arson — even with bodily injuries
    e.    DUI
View the new TV ad below:
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