Thursday, October 29, 2020

OKGOP supports Governor Stitt in opposing SQ805


From the Oklahoma Republican Party today:

Oklahoma Patriots,

Did you see our Governor’s call to action this week? He needs us to show up at the polls to vote NO on SQ 805.

Watch below:

SQ 805 is a dangerous effort being pushed by Hollywood liberals and the ACLU. Millions of dollars are flooding in to enshrine into our State Constitution language for “non-violent” offenses that includes criminal activity such as:
    • Domestic violence committed in front of child
    • Domestic violence against a pregnant woman
    • Strangulation
    • Transmission of child pornography
    • Burglary (2nd degree)
    • DUI causing great bodily injury
    • Indecent exposure, and hundreds more.
Patriots, our brave law enforcement officers are issuing strong warnings across Oklahoma about this state question. Social workers, victims, faith leaders, and more are speaking out against it.

SQ 805 will let habitual criminals be treated like it’s their own rodeo. Because it is an amendment to our state Constitution, it will handcuff our ability to keep Oklahoma safe.

The polls show this State Question is tied. It is going to require REPUBLICANS to show up strong with a NO vote and in support of our police officers and in support of victims rights.

David McLain, Chairman


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