Thursday, October 22, 2020

Anti-Domestic Violence Group “Appalled” at Pro-805 group’s Use of Rapper in Social Media

“APPALLING” — S.Q. 805 Uses Drake in Facebook Meme to Talk about Prior “Non-Violent” Convictions 

…But Media Reports Show Drake Settled Suit over Alleged Rape that Resulted in Pregnancy; and Member of His Entourage Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Assaulting a Woman during Domestic Violence

Oklahoma Domestic Violence Victims’ Group “APPALLED” at Insensitivity, Ignorance of Yes on 805’s Facebook Post

Oklahoma City (October 21st) — Proponents of State Question 805 are using a Facebook meme of the rapper Drake in their continued quest to convince Oklahoma voters that they ought to extend first-offense privileges to repeat criminal offenders.

They could not have picked a worse role model.

Oklahomans United Against 805 reveals today a long list of offenses that have been reported for the rapper and his security entourage — including assaults against women, domestic violence, physical assaults against wait staff, physical intimidation and more.

Rolling Stone Magazine reported that a female acquaintance of Drake accused him of raping her and that a pregnancy resulted from the rape. According to The Independent, Drake settled out of court with the woman in a $350,000 out-of-court settlement: (link)

But that isn’t the first time Drake or his team have had a brush with violence.

Drake and his security entourage have reportedly been involved in numerous violent altercations — including breaking the jaw of a man, intimidating individuals, leaving an individual with an injury so bad he needed stitches (link); starting a brawl at a club in New York City; punching a man in the face in a Los Angeles restaurant (link); assaulting a woman (link); and more.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that Drake celebrated the release of his bodyguard after his bodyguard was released from jail from being sentenced to 6 months for assaulting a woman in domestic violence incident. Drake posted on Instagram “Something in the air today ... a lot of good things happening at once. But this one means the MOST!!!”

“Proponents of 805 choosing to highlight a person whose inner circle has served time for domestic violence, assault of a woman and reportedly committed violent attacks on other individuals in appalling,” said Candida Manion, Executive Director of Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. “It is precisely this sort of celebration of criminal behavior that perpetuates crime against women and continues the cycle of violence in our society. Perhaps the proponents of S.Q. 805 should pick another person to celebrate these so-call ‘non-violent’ crimes.”


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