Wednesday, November 08, 2017

ODOT plans to re-route US-69 around Muskogee's west side

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First reported on, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is moving toward a plan to re-route US-69 around Muskogee, bypassing the current 32nd Street corridor and scooting the route to the west for more of an "interstate-style" highway.

According to ODOT's 8-Year Construction Work Plan, the proposed work could run between October 1, 2021, and September 30, 2025 (FFY2022 through FFY2025). The new route would split off at the Summit curve south of Muskogee, float west on town near 54th Street, then curve back towards the current US-69 route and rejoin the highway at close to Wheeler Metals at the Arkansas River.

The economic impact of the re-route could be significant, as almost all of Muskogee's recent retail and hotel growth has been along the current 32nd St/US-69 corridor.

ODOT's reasoning for the move is to reduce congestion for through-traffic. While the exact route could change as details are not final, an ODOT spokesman told Leif Wright at MuskogeeNow that “[...] the plan to realign the highway is pretty much set in stone.”

Read more about this development here.


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