Saturday, November 18, 2017

UPDATE 2: GOP Gubernatorial Candidates on Fallin's Veto

I reached out to the Republican candidates for governor to get their comments on Gov. Fallin vetoing most of the budget passed during the end of special session this week, and her plans on calling the House and Senate back for a second special session to raise new revenue taxes.

I'll add their statements in the order that I receive them as I get them.

Gary Richardson: "The fact that the $30 million that Governor Fallin didn’t veto is being used to cover up the misappropriations going on at the Department of Health demonstrates that we need an outsider as our next Governor. I will repeat what I have said since the beginning of this year - We must audit every state agency, trust, and authority before considering ANY new tax increases and I urge the people of Oklahoma to contact their legislators and encourage them to oppose any new taxes."

Kevin Stitt: “This is a failure of leadership by career politicians. As chief executive, I would ensure a plan was agreed upon before I called for the Legislature to spend a single taxpayer dollar on a special session. The Legislature is under extraordinary pressure, and there are constraints on their power. It requires leadership to inspire, to negotiate, and to empower both chambers to accomplish their goals. I have done this in building my business. For nearly two decades I have led a team to create jobs, balance budgets, and thrive as a company in both good and difficult seasons. But it is also important to recognize that Oklahoma’s crisis didn’t happen overnight. Oklahoma has experienced multiple years of a budget shortfall, and we are going to face another one in 2018. If a football team is failing, you don’t get rid of the coach and then hire a replacement from your bench. You recruit a new, proven leader from the outside to bring real change. I believe we must do the same in order to achieve a brighter future for Oklahoma, which is why I am running as a conservative Republican for governor.”

Todd Lamb: "The governor’s veto is both flawed and untimely. Oklahoma can neither tax or cut itself to prosperity, but rather a complete reform of our budgeting process must occur. There are billions of dollars in tax incentives, credits and exemptions the state forgoes every year, and until an exhaustive review of those are complete, it is not good public policy to ask the taxpayers to increase their tax tab. As a lifelong, proven conservative, I believe it is imperative the legislative and executive branches continually examine each state agency so they are executing their core missions, and are being proper stewards of taxpayer funds. This is where the discussion should have begun last session, and I would prefer the governor focus her energies on the inefficiencies and bloat of state government rather that proposing new taxes on our citizens.”

Mick Cornett: "At the city level, we begin working on the budget early, with input from everyone, including citizens. Our leadership has brought Oklahoma City balanced budgets year after year, a 15 percent rainy day fund, and the highest bond rating available. This leadership is exactly what I will bring to the Governor’s office, and I would advise our state leaders do the same thing.”

Dan Fisher: (no response yet)

Gary Jones: (no response yet)

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  1. absolutely ! and bring our departments back in line with state budgets ! Education cannot continue as it is , we either fix this , or go bust ! I have never seen a state that alots more money to one fund ( department ) and most of this never reaches schools , but all for the purpose of retirement as well as teacher health care . somethings very wrong ! 3.6 billion dollars this is 33.7% of oklahomas said monies . at the rate it will eat up almost 1/2 of oklahomas budget . this is insane, and cannot continue . I want this AUdited ! and I want misappropriations found and tax payer money returned ! I also want your slush fund gone ! and Im sure most of your privileged folks have used this , in one form or another , trips , parties , vacations and waist . I would like exposure to all who have used this fund ?


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