Thursday, November 02, 2017

3Q Lt. Governor Campaign Finance Reports

Continuing through the 3rd Quarter campaign finance reports, we'll now look at the race for Lieutenant Governor. Four Republicans are in the race and have filed reports, while two Democrats filed committees in the last few weeks (one was today), and thus have no finance reports posted. As with the gubernatorial race, totals below are race-to-date.


Dominique Block
Total raised: $798.32
Total spent: $798.32
Total cash-on-hand: $0.00

Eddie Fields
Total raised: $63,086.65
Total spent: $5,080.18
Total cash-on-hand: $58,006.47

Dana Murphy
Total raised: $723,984.61 (includes $638,821.71 transferred from previous campaign account)
Total spent: $51,178.83
Total cash-on-hand: $670,868.58

Matt Pinnell
Total raised: $472,253.23 (includes $40,000 loan)
Total spent: $77,619.08
Total cash-on-hand: $375,584.68

It is interesting to note that Pinnell outraised Dana Murphy $127,262.45 (excluding Pinnell's $40k loan) to $85,162.90 in the most recent quarter of fundraising. The only reason Murphy has a larger cash-on-hand total is that she transferred nearly $640,000 from her Corporation Commission campaign committee (much of which was donated by individuals who work in industries regulated by the Commission... which is a bit of a tricky situation for all involved).


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