Friday, November 17, 2017

Rush: if tax reform fails, voters may ask "Why Republican?" for last time

Yesterday, I caught Rush Limbaugh on the radio, discussing the tax reform plan currently going through Congress. Here's the full transcript from that monologue, but he made a few comments that were worth repeating here.

"So if the bill passes in the House, which it is expected to do, it looks like the Senate, the Republican Senate is set to torpedo this. And Senator Graham is running around saying, if this happens, if this doesn’t pass, we can say good-bye to our majorities in 2018. And he may have a point. It’s tough to forecast that far out because even if this thing goes down in flames, there are gonna be all kinds of things that we cannot predict or foretell that will happen between now and Election Day of 2018. But this will not be good."

"To have once in a lifetime majorities in the House and the Senate while controlling the White House and to not be able to get anything done? The voters would be excused if they started asking themselves for the final time, “What is the point in voting Republican?” Because nothing gets done. No promises are kept. It doesn’t even look like there is an effort made to keep some of these promises, such as repealing Obamacare. And now tax reform." [emphasis mine]


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