Monday, November 06, 2017

Gov. Fallin applauds Senate for passing massive tax hike

Governor Mary Fallin Statement on Senate Passage of Budget Bill

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today issued the following statement after the state Senate in a bipartisan vote, 37-5, passed House Bill 1035X:

”I want to applaud the Republican and Democratic members of the state Senate for passing this measure. We have been in special session six weeks now. It is time to bring this session to an end. It is time to address the concerns of the people of  Oklahoma, and to show them that leadership at the Capitol will get the job done and will take care of their fellow Oklahomans.

“This bill addresses our $215 million budget hole; provides recurring revenue to help bring more stability to our budget going forward for next year when we know that we will still have a budget hole; and provides a path for success for our state so we don’t have these budgetary ups and downs we’ve experienced the past three years. It also keeps a promise to the teachers of Oklahoma by providing a $3,000 pay raise, and a $1,000 pay raise for our state employees.

“I’m hoping now that the House of Representatives will put this measure on the board and vote for it one way or the other. Let’s find a way forward for our state. Let’s fund these important core services for our people and show the people that we can get the job done.”


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