Friday, November 03, 2017

State Rep. Biggs resigns, creates 10th vacancy this term

State Rep. Scott Biggs (R-Chickasha) announced late yesterday that he is resigning his legislative seat effective immediately in order to take "a federal appointment" related to the agriculture industry. NonDoc reports that Biggs "will become executive director of the U.S. Farm Service Agency".

Biggs was chairman of the House Criminal Justice & Corrections Committee, where he drew ire for holding up some reform measures. Biggs also was perhaps the most self-promoting member of the Legislature -- one of the more frequent press releases I've received this year was when Rep. Biggs was given an award by some group.

His resignation creates the 10th vacant seat in the Legislature since the 2016 general election just shy of twelve months ago.

Legislative resignations since November 2016: