Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Calvey: Tax increases help cover up problems

Tax increases help cover up problems
By Rep. Kevin Calvey

This spring, Terry Cline, Gov. Mary Fallin’s then-secretary of health, berated me for refusing to vote for tax increases. Last week, Cline was forced to resign when apparent fraud and/or mismanagement was uncovered at the Department of Health.

This makes one wonder: If we had passed all the tax increases during the 2017 session, would this corruption have remained hidden? I suspect so. The additional money would have filled accounts emptied by mismanagement.

I suspect we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of exposing corruption in state spending, because state agencies haven’t been independently audited in years!

State government insiders are lying to those who serve vulnerable Oklahomans, telling them that tax increases are necessary to preserve services, when there is enough available cash to plug the current $214 million gap without any tax increase. These lies cause needless anxiety to the vulnerable, causing them to pressure legislators for tax increases.

Perhaps now we are seeing the real reason for the increasingly desperate attempts by government insiders to raise your taxes. The insiders need tax increases to cover up the corruption.

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  1. and I so agree , this will not solve the problem . Audit departments , get rid of waist and special interests and stop trying to bury the real problem , to big of government , over spending and a real burden to tax payers . Vote NO!


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