Friday, May 16, 2014

SoonerPoll survey shows Shannon trailing Lankford among Tea Party, conservative, and religious voters

Continuing the dissection of the recent News9/KOTV/SoonerPoll survey on the Senate race, here are some key questions asked in the poll. T.W. Shannon trails James Lankford among voters who are supportive of the Tea Party, identify as conservatives, and are more religious.

Do you consider yourself to be a liberal, moderate or conservative in your political beliefs?
Very conservative (39.3%): Lankford 41.1%, Shannon 38.0%
Somewhat conservative (30.6%): Lankford 37.5%, Shannon 27.3%
Moderate (21.9%): Shannon 29.3%, Lankford 26.2%
Somewhat liberal (6.2%): Shannon 32.1%, Crow 11.7%, Lankford 10.9%
Very liberal (2.1%): Shannon 37.9%, Weger 29.4%, Lankford 15.3%

Do you have a FAVORABLE or UNFAVORABLE opinion of the Tea Party?
Very favorable (29.7%): Shannon 35.8%, Lankford 34.0%
Somewhat favorable (37.0%): Lankford 41.7%, Shannon 35.2%
Unfavorable (13.9%): Shannon 25.5%, Lankford 24.6%
Very unfavorable (6.2%): Shannon 40.2%, Lankford 16.3%

Do you think the Tea Party has too much influence, too little influence, or the right amount of influence in the Republican Party today?
Too little (31.2%): Lankford 34.1%, Shannon 29.8%
Right amount (35.1%): Lankford 39.0%, Shannon 36.8%
Too much (17.9%): Shannon 32.4%, Lankford 26.7%

How often do you attend religious services?
Once a week or more (61.5%): Lankford 35.8%, Shannon 28.6%
Occasionally throughout year (23.1%): Shannon 38.2%, Lankford 28.8%
Just major holidays (5.3%): Lankford 51.2%, Shannon 38.3%
Never (10.2%): Shannon 44.9%, Lankford 26.1%


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