Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Robertson slams Mullin's H.R.863 vote

Robertson Chastises Mullin for Supporting a Bill that would Idealize Pro-Abortion Leaders

Following sending out campaign material proclaiming his pro-life position, Markwayne Mullin joined with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to support HR 863, which has been thoroughly opposed by the conservative Concerned Women for America and Michelle Bachman.

“Markwayne Mullin’s eagerness to flippantly toss aside his pro-life position to score political points with the Washington elites underscores why so many in the Second Congressional District are demanding change,” said Darrel Robertson, a local business owner and professional angler who is challenging Mullin in the Republican primary on June 24th.

“I stand with the conservative women’s groups who oppose the idea of establishing a shrine to Planned Parenthood and those groups that have supported abortion in this country,” added Robertson.
HR 863 was passed in the House last week with the support of Markwayne Mullin. The bill will look at establishing a National Women’s History Museum, a fine initiative, however, the proposal for the museum features a strongly pro-abortion version of women’s history including the idealization of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

“I fully support recognizing women’s history in this country, and I have no objection to the creation of a museum to honor the countless contributions they have made to this nation,” said Robertson. “However, I cannot support a project that will champion the pro-abortion cause.”

The website for the museum offers clear insight into the thinly “veiled objective” of the effort. While Susan B. Anthony’s pro-life views are ignored, Margaret Sanger is hailed as the leader of “the birth control movement” and a champion of “rational control of human population.”

“We are foolish if we believe that decisions made in Washington do not have a profound impact on culture,” said Robertson. “I’m a God-fearing man. I’m pro-life and I could not in good conscience support a national project that would teach the young people that visited this museum that abortion is ‘rational,’ that ‘population control’ is a virtue, and that Margaret Sanger is a hero among women for championing the abortionist agenda.”

Darrel Robertson and his family live in Grove, OK. A first-time candidate, Robertson has been critical of Mullin for breaking campaign promises, taking money from special interests, and backing measures that increase the national debt. Robertson has pledged to be a strict constitutional conservative and a leading advocate for term limits. 


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