Thursday, May 08, 2014

Lankford endorsed by prominent Southern Baptist leaders

Oklahoma City, OK – Three prominent figures of the faith community, Richard Land, Ph.D., former Pastor Bob Reccord, and Judge Paul Pressler, have selected Congressman James Lankford as the candidate most committed to representing voters of faith and protecting religious liberties in the special election for Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)’s seat:

"I can think of no one that I know in public life who would make a better U.S. Senator 
than James Lankford. I am hoping and praying that the people of Oklahoma send 
James to Washington as their Senator. Tom Coburn has been a great senator and for 
all the things that people of faith care about in our country, James Lankford would be a 
most worthy replacement." 
– Richard Land, Ph.D. 
Former Head, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 

"I am proud to stand with so many great leaders in the faith community who see the 
same strength and character in James Lankford that I do. I can think of nobody better 
to fill the shoes of Senator Tom Coburn than James. I see in him the same resolve, 
tenacity, and thoughtfulness that we must have in Washington for such a time as this. 
We need more leaders of faith in Washington who are built with such a foundation that 
only comes from time on your knees."
 – Former Pastor Bob Reccord 
 Founding President, North American Mission Board 
 Immediate Past Executive Director, Council for National Policy 

"James is a true servant-leader who has stood strong for his conservative principles 
during his time in the House of Representatives. As a man of unyielding faith, I am 
confident that he will continue to serve both his Lord and his country as the next, great 
senator from Oklahoma." 
– Judge Paul Pressler 
 A leader of Southern Baptist Convention conservative resurgence 

Today’s endorsements mark a growing trend within the religious community to back James Lankford for
Senate. Pastor and former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) and Jay Sekulow, an accomplished defender of religious liberties in several Supreme Court cases, have also selected Lankford as the clearest choice to lead the mission for limited government.

“Religious liberties are under assault by the federal government. No one should be punished for practicing their deepest convictions,” Lankford remarked. “Religious freedom should always trump federal mandates.”

Lankford entered Congress in 2011 after serving twenty-two years in full-time ministry. Most recently,
Lankford served as director of the nation’s largest Christian youth camp, Falls Creek Camp. His
accomplished role in ministry has earned him a well-respected status in the greater faith community.

Lankford has used his platform of limited government principles to lead the fight for religious liberty. He
stood in strong support of Hobby Lobby in its Supreme Court case to defend its right to exercise pro-life

“As the federal government continues to infringe upon our basic constitutional rights, then the clearest
course of action is to restore power to the states,” Lankford concluded.

This impressive wave of endorsements from influential religious leaders indicates how much the faith
community entrusts Lankford to take lead on one of its most cherished issues.


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