Tuesday, May 27, 2014

OKGOP'S McLarty to Gov. Fallin: sign HB3399

Carolyn McCarty, OKGOP National Committeewoman, has penned an open letter to Governor Mary Fallin, requesting her to sign HB3399 (Common Core repeal) into law. McLarty also asks fellow Oklahoma Republican Party activists to co-sign her letter, viewable at this link. I added my name - will you?

The letter:

Dear Governor Fallin,

On Friday, the State House and Senate passed HB3399, the repeal Common Core, by a huge margin. The legislature also granted the emergency clause for the immediate implementation upon your signature so that teachers, students, and parents have certainty for the upcoming school year.

HB3399 answers the prayers and the wishes of a majority of parents and teachers in our state. It follows the principles of our Republican National Platform, the Resolution of the Republican National Committee, the Oklahoma State Resolution passed overwhelmingly in the OKGOP State Committee, and your Executive Order.

HB3399 codifies in statute your Executive Order to stop the over-reach of the Federal Government in our local schools so that we will not cede control of our children’s education to the federal government or private corporations. It also maintains that parents have a rightful place in the decision making for their child’s education.

HB3399 reinforces your longstanding commitment and declarations that Oklahoma schools should have the highest standards so that Oklahoma students are college and career ready and Oklahoma has a well-educated and successful workforce.

Now that HB3399 has passed, you have a tremendous gift to enforce the will and intent of the people. As Chairman of the National Governors Association, you have the opportunity at this moment to make the course correction away from Federal intrusion and lead all the states out of this very tenuous situation.

It is with thankful expectation that we Oklahoma Republican Party members present to you this request to sign HB3399.


Carolyn McLarty Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma


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