Thursday, April 08, 2010

Vacant Council Seat Nominations

Recently re-elected Muskogee Mayor John Tyler Hammons has announced his choice to fill the city council seat being vacated by Bob Luttrull, who resigned Tuesday afternoon for health reasons.

Mayor Hammons Nominates Local Businessman to Council Post

Muskogee, OK – Mayor John Tyler Hammons today announced his nominee for Ward I City Councilmember to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Bob Luttrull.

“I want to thank Mr. Luttrull for his work and dedication to the City Council,” Mayor Hammons said. “His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.”

To succeed Luttrull, the Mayor has nominated Craig Koele, a Muskogee businessman and hospital administrator who has served as Chief Executive Officer of Solara Hospital-Muskogee since 2006.

“I have known Mr. Koele for many years and have found him to be fair and honest in all his dealings,” said the Mayor. “He has demonstrated excellent leadership and business skills and possesses an impressive academic background. I look forward to working with him to address the issues facing Muskogee.”

Koele has been a Muskogee resident since 2007 after becoming the head of Solara-Muskogee. Koele has over twenty years of experience in the private sector as a healthcare administrator. He has previously served as the President of the Tulsa Area Mental Health Association in 2003.

"I appreciate the confidence that Mayor Hammons has expressed in me. He has made it clear that promoting job creation is a top priority of his second term, and I look forward to helping him with that effort," said Koele.

Koele, 53, is married to his wife, Kathi, and together they have one son: Quin, 15.
Mayor Hammons will official announce the nomination of Koele to the vacant City Council post on Monday, April 12, at the City Council’s regular meeting.

On the other hand, Bob Luttrull has nominated Bob Coburn as his replacement. Coburn came in second in the mayoral election that took place on Tuesday.

The city charter is vague on the replacement process; all it states is that the vacancy must be filled by a majority vote of the council. It does not say who nominates the replacement. In the past, it seems that the retiring councilman has nominated his choice, and the council has approved that replacement.

The vote to replace Luttrull will take place this coming Monday (April 12th). This will be a city council meeting you won't want to miss.


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