Friday, April 23, 2010

2nd District GOP To Meet Tomorrow

The 2nd Congressional District Republican Party is holding their quarterly meeting tomorrow afternoon in McAlester. Featured speakers every candidate running for statewide office, with the exception of one.

Governor: Randy Brogdon, Mary Fallin, Robert Hubbard, Roger Jackson

Lt. Gov: Todd Lamb, John Wright

Attorney General: Ryan Leonard, Scott Pruitt

Labor Commissioner: Mark Costello, Jason Reese

Treasurer: Owen Laughlin, Ken Miller

School Superintendent: Janet Barresi (will not be there), Shawn Hime

Corporation Commissioner: Dana Murphy (substitute speaking for her)

Insurance Commissioner: John Doak

The meeting will be held at the Kiamichi Technology Center, at 301 Kiamichi Drive in McAlester, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Republican candidates for statewide office - the GOP primary is on July 27th (94 days).


  1. I was at the Dist. GOP meeting yesterday. I asked around if you were there.

    Anyways, my take on the meeting is that the red meat speech was given by Hubbard (gubernatorial candidate).
    Though I think he gave the best speech, I think he entered the race too late.

  2. W/regards 2 the Gubernatorial candidates who were present, the 1 I think is likely 2 win is Randy Brogdon.

    Brogdon VS Fallin:
    Brogdon received the loudest applause of ALL the candidates present. He seemed to be most passionate on States Rights. And when you look at him, you see the persona of GOVERNOR. Also, he's been getting a lot of face time in the news on controversial matters. As a result, Brogdon is becoming popular person on the conservative & tea party movement. He will FIGHT!

    Fallin strikes me as the kind who thinks she's better than rest. I did not detect humbleness in her. She dragged in late to the meeting. And this is probably why she did not have time to put out her pamphlets on the table like the rest of candidates.

    Another strike against Fallin is that she gave weird answer as to why she is running Governor. She claims that she's quitting congress because congress is broken. In my opinion, that should be the reason why she needs to STAY so it can be fixed. Somebody needs to remind Fallin that Republicans are already OUT NUMBERed, & this is reason she needs to stay until there is a balance. NOW is NOT the time for her to tuck tail & run.

    Another strike against Fallin is that she left the meeting quickly, whereas Brogdon STAYED to talk w/the people. Brogdon gave out yard signs & took pictures w/me & my friends. He also took autographs & showed enthusiasm in doing so.

    Its things like this that add up to bad impressions against Fallin; and good lasting impression in favor of Brogdon.

  3. Here is the youtube video I posted of Fallin:

    And here is the 1 I posted of Brogdon at the Dist. 2 GOP meeting in McAlester

  4. Thanking you in advance for your patience as I post my view of the Dist 2 GOP meeting in McAlester.

    Of all the OK GOP Gubernatorial candidates, that was the least impressive, was: Roger Jackson. He may be a nice person, but he seemed to be the most boring.


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