Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Conservative View: A Necessary Evil

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

A Necessary Evil

It would be nice if we humans were creatures that could resolve all of our problems in a non-violent and civilized manner. The money that we could save on not having to build planes, tanks, ships, etc. could build a utopia on this planet. It is a sad fact that we humans are incapable of building such a world. There is always a group ready to destroy another group or civilization for the land or wealth that they possess. It is a sad fact that many people are not interested in history. I have found that it is far easier to avoid mistakes in our lives when we listen to the stories of past generations. As for myself, I cherish the memories of my grandparents and the common sense philosophy that they learned from the school of hard knocks. I remember them telling of the hardships of World War 2 and the sacrifices that the Americans of that day endured. I have also watched many programs of that era and have seen the carnage that our forefathers endured. I believe that that war would have been much worse if it had not been for the strength of our military. Over the past week much has been in the news about the nuclear agreement with Russia and how this will make our world so much safer.

I believe that peace is only achieved when our adversaries know that our strength and resolve is so strong that it would be suicide to attack us. Nuclear war would be a horror that no sane person would want to be involved in, but when the bomb was used on Japan that act saved that island nation from being burned to the ground along with countless Japanese and American soldiers. It is sad that civilized people cannot understand the barbarian mind. Our forefathers understood that the only reasoning that barbarians understand is force. Throughout history military superiority can change overnight. Rogue nations like North Korea, Iran and a host of other terrorists groups are in the process of acquiring the bomb. We Americans like to pat ourselves on our backs and claim that we are making the world a safer place when we make ourselves weaker. Granted we have many enemies, but I believe that our biggest enemies are apathy and arrogance. We take our safety for granted. Our weapons and military are a necessary evil; we need to remember that the lack of weapons never makes us safer; only having them makes us safer.

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