Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fallin Campaign Clarifies Henry "Contribution"

I asked the Mary Fallin for Governor campaign for a clarification on what Follow The Money reported as a campaign transfer from her Lt. Gov. campaign account to Gov. Brad Henry's re-election campaign.

Here is the statement from the Fallin campaign:
This is a misunderstanding. Follow the Money has mislabeled the Inaugural Ball fundraising committee as "Brad Henry." If you click on "Brad Henry" on their site (notice that it's not Henry for Governor, it's just strangely his name), you can see the top contributors are corporations (Boeing, OG & E) and they are all contributing well over the legal maximum for a candidate running for office and doing so just prior to the inaugural ball. I can assure you that Mary Fallin is not a contributor to any of Brad Henry's political campaigns. Furthermore, Mary Fallin's campaign could not legally contribute to Brad Henry's campaign.

I'm not sure why Follow The Money reported the contribution the way they did. I thought it odd that Fallin would (seemingly) contribute to Henry, and am relieved to have the clarification.

UPDATE: Follow The Money has since corrected the error. They said in a statement I obtained, that "It appears that the error happened because the paper report [that they had ordered, since the state Ethics Committee doesn't have that information online] had the cover page for his reelection committee on top of the contributions for the inaugural committee. Regardless of the cause, we will correct the error."


  1. Follow the money should broadcast the truth in the same way they made hay out of the misinformation.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that clarification!


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