Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did Mary Fallin Contribute to Brad Henry?

UPDATE - see this post for the clarification from the Fallin campaign

After I looked up Janet Barresi and Shawn Hime's
campaign contributions, I decided to take a look at some of the other state-wide candidates' donations. One of the things I found surprised me.

(Click for larger image)

That appears to be a transfer of $800 from then Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin's campaign account to Democrat Gov. Brad Henry's re-election campaign. *

FollowTheMoney shows the transfer as taking place in January of 2003. However, I have been unable to confirm that through the State Ethics Commission website, which does not have records from back that far still online.

* UPDATE - see this post for the clarification from the Fallin campaign - was not a contribution to Henry

UPDATE 2: Follow The Money has since corrected the error. They said in a statement I obtained, that "It appears that the error happened because the paper report [that they had ordered, since the state Ethics Committee doesn't have that information online] had the cover page for his reelection committee on top of the contributions for the inaugural committee. Regardless of the cause, we will correct the error."


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