Monday, April 26, 2010

James Lankford Endorsed by J.C. Watts

From the McCarville Report:
Former Congressman J. C. Watts today endorsed James Lankford in the 5th District congressional Republican primary and was named a campaign co-chairman.

Watts, now a Washington lobbyist, said Lankford is "cut from the same cloth" as Senator Tom Coburn, known as "Dr. No" for his opposition to wasteful government spending and liberal social programs.

Watts' endorsement will be viewed by many as a significant boost for political newcomer Lankford; Watts remains popular with many rank and file GOP activists likely to vote in a primary election.

Other candidates include Rep. Shane Jett, former Rep. Kevin Calvey, Rep. Mike Thompson, Dr. Johnny Roy of Edmond and Rick Flanigan of Bethany.

Mike is right - this is a huge boost for Lankford. J.C. Watts made an excellent choice for his endorsement.


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