Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hammons Wins Reelection, Incumbent Councilors Defeated

John Tyler Hammons has done it again, this time without a runoff. The young Muskogee mayor has won his bid for reelection, with a large enough margin of victory to skip a runoff.

Hammons was first elected in 2008, after winning the runoff race. This time, he didn't need it. He received 51.4% of the vote, or 2531 votes. Runner-up was Bob Coburn, with 29.4% (1447 votes), followed by Chris James with 17.8% (877 votes) and Teresa Garris with 1.4% (67 votes).

Not only will he be returning as mayor, but Hammons will be joined by two newly-elected city councilors. Councilman David Ragsdale lost the Ward III race to Randy Howard, 46.2% (2160) to 53.8% (2516), respectively. Councilman Jim Ritchey also lost, in Ward IV. Kenny Payne received 64% (3078), to Ritchey's 19.2% (923) and Cedric Johnson's 16.9% (812). In the school bond election, 70% (3031) of voters voted 'yes', and 30% (1300) voted 'no'.

Hammons has had a difficult time with the city council these past two years. With two new councilors, things may change for the better.

Congratulations to Mayor John Tyler Hammons, and councilors-elect Randy Howard and Kenny Payne!

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  1. What a bummer!! I was hoping Coburn would win. :(


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