Thursday, January 29, 2009

Israel Update: 'Status Quo Ante Bellum' in Gaza

The Muskogee Politico's Israel Update

Things have gotten back to status 'quo ante bellum' in Gaza. That's "as things were before the war" for those not familiar with the Latin phrase. Hamas is still firing rockets, and Israel still hits the terrorist group back with limited air strikes.
  • Hamas: RPGs and a bomb kill 1 IDF soldier, wound 3 (1-27). Two rockets and a mortar, none injured (1-28).

  • Israel: Tanks and ground troops enter Gaza in retalitation to bombing (see above), killing up to three terrorists (1-27). Air strike wounds two Hamas terrorists in a car (1-29).
... and that's just the past few days, not the weeks since Operation Cast Lead ended.

In political news:
  • The Shas political party backs Bibi Netanyahu (Likud) for Prime Minister.

  • The U.S. Consulate sold file cabinets to a Jerusalem woman three years ago at an auction... with documents classified 'Secret' in them.

  • The brother of Tzipi Livni (Kadima) is campaigning for Bib Netanyahu (Likud). Says the job of PM is "too big for her."

  • Jimmy Carter continues to make a fool of himself and his country. "I’m relieved that he’s been replaced. I think that he probably had the most disastrous term relating to foreign policy of any previous president, [Muskogee Politico: He's one to talk...] and he removed our nation’s reputation as a champion on human rights," Carter said regarding former President George W. Bush.
    Regarding the Hamas terrorist group’s firing of rockets into Israel, Carter blames Israel for not opening up the borders and said that Hamas is merely interested in drawing world attention to the plight of Gaza civilians, who are without food and water. Carter claimed that Hamas is not interested in hurting Israelis. As "proof", the former president stated that although hundreds of rockets were fired into Sderot by Hamas between 2007 and June 2008, "only one Israeli was killed in Sderot."
You have now been briefed on the latest from Israel. Again, as I have mentioned before, the best resource I have found for Israeli news is (what I consider the Israeli-version of Fox News) Arutz Sheva.


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