Monday, January 26, 2009

Precinct Meetings Tomorrow

If you are a registered Republican, tomorrow should be your local precinct meeting. I strongly encourage you to attend.

If we wish to keep our party conservative, and not allow it to drift into a more moderate or liberal organization, the grassroots must stay involved.

The precinct meeting is the most basic of Republican conventions. The precinct meeting is where it all starts. Delegates are selected for the county convention (which in turn selects delegates for the state convention), and the platform formation process begins.

This year, at the Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention, the delegates will be voting on State Chairman and State Vice-Chairman, among other things. These are very important posts.

But it all begins at the precinct meeting. So, if you live in Muskogee County, the Party is holding a combined precinct meeting at the Muskogee Public Library (801 W. Okmulgee St.) at 7:00pm, in the Grant Foreman meeting room.

If you are from Wagoner County, there will be two meetings you can attend; either on January 27th, or February 10th. Both will start at 7:00pm, at the Coweta Fairgrounds.

If you are from Cherokee County, contact County Chairman Gary Gore at (918) 458-0111, or

If you are not from these counties, contact your local county chairman for more information. This link has the phone numbers and email addresses for the different county parties.

For the future of the Republican Party, both here in Oklahoma and nationwide, please attend your local precinct meeting.


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