Monday, January 05, 2009

Pictures and Video from CAIR-OK Gaza Protest

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations held a rally at the State Capitol building today, protesting Israel's recent invasion of Gaza, known as 'Operation Cast Lead'.

Originally, a press conference was scheduled for 11:30am, but as of noon, nobody showed up to speak. About twenty-five people, mostly members of the media, waited for half anhour outside Room 432B for Razi Hashmi, the director of CAIR-OK, to come.

A "Peace Vigil for Gaza" was planned for noon, at the Capitol Building's south plaza. I would estimate that between 150 and 200 protestors came. Most of the participants were local Muslims, including several imams, along with various anti-war peace activists.

The protestors marched around in circles for nearly an hour, shouting various slogans and chants such as:
  • Free, free Palestine
  • Free, free Gaza
  • Stop the genocide, stop the bombing
  • Sharon and Hitler are the same; the only difference is the name
  • Occupation is a crime
... etcetera.

They held posters of all sizes, with phrases such as "Terror, made in Israel, sponsored by the U.S.", "War is not the answer", "Israel is the terrorist", "End the occupation of Palestine", "Stop the genocide", and "Stop the war".

They also held 'bloodied' baby dolls.

CAIR-OK plans on making this a weekly event.

I have video here and here (more will be uploaded). A few more pictures (click to make larger):


  1. Sorry Muskogee Politico, The Press Conference did happen. I was at the press conference in Room 432B (ie the "Broadcast Media" room) and Razi was at it too.

    Your info on the "Peace Vigil for Gaza" is right. I had a ave of around 200 moonbats for the time I was videoing. It look like you was about 25 feet behind (East) of me.

    I will have also video of the "Peace Vigil' and the Press Conference on my blog. So be careful about calling something being 'exclusive'

    Keep blogging and videoing !!!

    Okie Campaigns

  2. I think you should be a news reporter. :P ;-)



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