Thursday, January 29, 2009

RNC Chair Update - Vote Tomorrow

Final Update to the RNC Chair race... the vote takes place tomorrow morning.

Chip Saltsman is out. Never even got a public committee endorsement.

It's anybody's guess right now. According to's latest endorsement count, current chairman Mike Duncan is in the lead with 36 pledged votes. Katon Dawson leads the pack for second, with 20 pledged votes. All the rest are close behind.

My thoughts.
  • Mike Duncan: Should not be re-elected. Yes, he barely got on the job in time for the 2008 election, but we need dramaticly new leadership.
  • Katon Dawson: Got hit early on for being a member of a "whites-only" country club (he was unaware of the long-forgotten rule). Showing surprising strength down the stretch. Would probably be okay...
  • Michael Steele: Too moderate for my taste. However, with Obama as president, I think Steele could be a good counter-figure.
  • Saul Anuzis: An overall bad choice. Very poor job as Michigan GOP Chair. Read here for more.
  • Ken Blackwell: Strong conservative; OKGOP Chair Gary Jones' pick. I really like this guy... solidly conservative, and would take the GOP in the right direction. Being African-American like Steele gives him an edge for criticizing Obama. I hope he pulls it out, but can he?
We will find out who the new chairman is tomorrow...


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