Saturday, January 31, 2009

Michael Steele Wins RNC Chair Race

Congratulations, Chairman Steele!

In the sixth ballot, Michael Steele beat Katon Dawson to become the new RNC Chairman. Here's how things played out:

First Ballot
  • Mike Duncan: 52
  • Michael Steele: 46
  • Katon Dawson: 28
  • Saul Aunzis: 22
  • Ken Blackwell: 20
Nobody dropped out. The rules do not require any candidates to be dropped, or to pull their names out of contention. Duncan's vote total was lower than expected (the audience gasped, according to National Review Online).

Second Ballot
  • Mike Duncan: 48
  • Michael Steele: 48
  • Katon Dawson: 29
  • Saul Aunzis: 24
  • Ken Blackwell: 19
No one dropped out here, either.

Third Ballot
  • Michael Steele: 51
  • Mike Duncan: 44
  • Katon Dawson: 34
  • Saul Aunzis: 24
  • Ken Blackwell: 15
Mike Duncan dropped out after the third ballot, without endorsing anyone.

Fourth Ballot
  • Katon Dawson: 62
  • Michael Steele: 60
  • Saul Aunzis: 31
  • Ken Blackwell: 15
Katon Dawson took the lead in the fourth ballot. Ken Blackwell withdrew, endorsing Michael Steele.

Fifth Ballot
  • Michael Steele: 79
  • Katon Dawson: 69
  • Saul Aunzis: 20
Saul Anuzis pulled out, without endorsing Steele or Dawson. Steele retook the lead.

Sixth Ballot
  • Michael Steele: 91
  • Katon Dawson: 77
Steele emerged victorious on the sixth ballot. Congratulations, Chairman Steele!


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