Monday, January 26, 2009

OKGOP Chair Update: Gary Jones In

The Oklahoma Republican Party Race for Chairman

As things currently stand... a follow-up on our previous post that Cheryl Williams, the current Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, announced her candidacy for Chair.

It has long been suspected that Cheryl Williams was planning on running for chairman. Word had been that she would declare her intentions after the January 2009 precinct meetings, but she announced on her blog on January 24th.

From comments on Williams' Facebook page and blog, it seems that part of her platform includes utilizing technology, new media, and improved communications with the grassroots. It also appears that she is either counting on the possibility that her most likely only opponent, Gary Jones, will run for State Auditor again, or fanning rumors to that end.

It has been confirmed that she will be running against Gary Jones, the current Oklahoma GOP Chairman. Jones has been elected as chairman twice, resigning midway through his first term to run unsuccessfully for State Auditor against the now-imprisoned Jeff McMahan. If Jones wins, this will be his third term as OKGOP Chairman.

Gary Jones has been very successful as State Chairman. Under his guidance, the Oklahoma Republican Party has gained control of both the State House, for the second time ever, and State Senate for the first time in state history. The OKGOP has also swept the Corporation Commission, and U.S. Senate seats during his tenure.

Chairman Jones announced on his Facebook that he is "running for re-election for OKGOP Chairman," and "will be making a formal announcement next week after returning from the RNC winter meeting in Washington."

There has been some concern that Gary Jones would resign midterm to run again for Auditor, if re-elected; however, sources say that Jones has decided to not run for Auditor again.

In my opinion, Gary Jones is by far the most qualified, experienced choice for chairman. He has been extremely successful in his tenure, and should be kept at his position.

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