Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cheryl Williams to run for OKGOP Chair

Oklahoma Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Cheryl Williams has declared her candidacy for the State Chair position, currently held by Gary Jones.

Williams announced on her blog this morning. Williams has been the vice-chair since 2007. Cheryl Williams has close ties to the "Ron Paul" wing of the Republican Party.

It is not currently known whether Gary Jones will be running for re-election, but if he does, as is expected by some, the Muskogee Politico will be wholeheartedly supporting him.


  1. Would you post why you think she would be best person for the job.

  2. Why I think she is the best for the job, or why I think she is not the best for the job? Personally, I think Gary Jones is the best choice for chairman. Under his watch, the Republican Party has taken the state House and Senate, and swept the Corporation Commission.

    I will post more on this topic at a later date; thanks for asking.

  3. I'm behind Gary Jones 100%. He's been fair to all factions of the OK GOP and has led us to great victories. Why in the world would Cheryl Williams think that we should, "Change horses in the middle of a stream"?

  4. Gary Jones has been 100% fair to all parties: what a laugh.. It is time for some change in the Oklahoma GOP leadership.

  5. I worked for him at HQ for awhile. I think he is a fair and capable leader. He deserves a lot credit for the sweep over the Demons.
    Jim Martin


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