Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stitt responds to Cornett's crude attack ad

Stitt for Governor Campaign Launches New Ad: “Plan B”

Tulsa, Oklahoma (August 15, 2018) -- The Kevin Stitt for Governor Campaign announced a new TV ad today in the Republican runoff for governor of Oklahoma titled “Plan B” and themed on Kevin Stitt’s vision of moving Oklahoma forward and becoming a Top Ten state. 

The television ad opens with Stitt addressing the recent negative attacks.

“My opponent’s running behind, so he’s gone to plan ‘B’-- running attack ads,” begins Kevin Stitt. “I guess if you’re a career politician, when all else fails, you go negative. Kind of says more about him than me, don’t you think?”

Stitt then shares his positive vision for Oklahoma and how he intends to leads as a conservative political outsider.

“Look I’m not a politician, but I am a pro-life, conservative outsider,” says Stitt. “My message is about moving Oklahoma forward, to becoming a place where other states point to and say ‘this is what’s possible.’ I’ve said it all along, and I’ll say it again: Oklahoma’s turnaround, it starts right here, right now.”

After falling 10 points behind in the race, Mick Cornett and his base went negative on August 10. In response, Stitt called for a clean race that focuses on each candidate’s vision for the future of Oklahoma. Cornett’s campaign responded by doubling down and furthering their misinformation campaign. You can watch Kevin Stitt’s original press conference here:

You can also find a fact check on the claims made against the Stitt for Governor Campaign at:

Kevin Stitt is running on a vision of leading Oklahoma to become a Top Ten state in education, economic growth, and infrastructure. Stitt believes the first step towards accomplishing these goals it by delivering accountability and transparency in state government, and his plan can be read at


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