Tuesday, August 07, 2018

National group sees SQ 793 as improving access to quality eye care

National group sees SQ 793 as improving access to quality eye care

Energeyes, a national nonprofit association representing optometrists who choose to practice in a corporate-affiliated environment, is taking an interest in the SQ 793's effort to provide all Oklahomans access to convenient, affordable and quality eye care.

Oklahoma is one of only three states prohibiting retailers from providing eye care services, whose effect keeps prices artificially high and restricts access to affordable, quality eye care for those who need it most, particularly low-income families, children and senior citizens. SQ 793 would simply put Oklahoma patients first by offering them more access to eye care similar to services currently enjoyed by high patient satisfaction in 47 states.   

This November, Oklahomans have the opportunity to vote for modern vision care laws offering patients greater access to eye care by allowing licensed optometrists to practice in retail settings. This opportunity would provide numerous benefits to Oklahoma patients, including the ability for Oklahoma patients to receive eye care in a retail setting, while experiencing the same high standards and quality of care they receive in an independent optometrist’s office. SQ 793 will require optometrists practicing in retail settings to have exactly the same qualifications as those currently practicing throughout Oklahoma. These doctors will have OCTs, retinal cameras and additional advanced instrumentation to ensure the best care for Oklahoma patients.

Attached with the above press release, Energeyes also included this letter that they sent to Joel Robison, Executive Director for the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians:


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