Thursday, August 23, 2018

Pre-Runoff Finance Reports: Governor's race

The final campaign finance reports (pre-runoff) before the August 28th primary have been submitted and posted on the Oklahoma Ethics Commission website. We'll look at the gubernatorial race in this post. All figures below are campaign-to-date, and may include in-kind contributions or expenditures.

The money in the GOP primary/runoff is mindblowing... far and away the most expensive race in Oklahoma history before the GOP nominee has even been decided.

Total Raised: $15,226,168.48
Total Spent: $14,215,428.94
Total Cash-on-Hand: $727,082.99
Burn rate: 95.13%

Kevin Stitt
Total raised: $6,542,863.91 (includes $3,281,000 in loans)
Total spent: $6,018,662.13
Total cash-on-hand: $368,557.72
Burn rate: 94.23%

Mick Cornett
Total raised: $3,242,795.74
Total spent: $2,826,305.70
Total cash-on-hand: $336,691.50
Burn rate: 89.36%

Todd Lamb
Total raised: $3,715,470.61
Total spent: $3,669,760.27
Total cash-on-hand: $13,636.80

Gary Richardson
Total raised: $1,253,448.92 (includes $1,002,575.37 loan)
Total spent: $1,247,700.14
Total cash-on-hand: $0

Dan Fisher
Total raised: $341,220.81 (includes $20,000 loan)
Total spent: $325,561.73
Total cash-on-hand: $7,834.99

Gary Jones
Total raised: $113,080.48 (includes $16,000 loan)
Total spent: $111,331.07
Total cash-on-hand: $455.88

Total Raised: $2,101,942.86
Total Spent: $1,386,655.37
Total Cash-on-Hand: $703,890.82
Burn rate: 66.33%
Drew Edmondson
Total raised: $2,032,248.62 (includes $60,000 loan)
Total spent: $1,318,163.77
Total cash-on-hand: $703,004.68
Burn rate: 65.22%

Connie Johnson
Total raised: $69,694.24
Total spent: $68,491.60
Total cash-on-hand: $886.14

Total Raised: $32,535.90 (~$9,600 in-kind)
Total Spent: $20,612.02
Total Cash-on-Hand: $2,280.64
Burn rate: 90.04
Chris Powell
Total raised: $10,142.88 (including $1,200 loan)
Total spent: $6,991.02
Total cash-on-hand: $3,017.51
Burn rate: 69.85%

Rex Lawhorn
Total raised: $4,575.00
Total spent: $5,286.87
Total cash-on-hand: $-736.87
Burn rate: 116.19%

Joseph Maldonado
Total raised: $17,818.02 (~$9,500 in-kind)
Total spent: $8,334.13
Total cash-on-hand: $0


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